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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The wish fulfillment dream is a dream of ____________.
(a) longing
(b) conveniece
(c) unimportance
(d) premonition

2. What are also included in dream memory?
(a) Wishes
(b) Goals
(c) Remote memories
(d) Untrue memories

3. Freud likens dreaming to other kinds like mental activity like:
(a) Learning
(b) Hallucinations
(c) Creative processes
(d) List making

4. Freud ends the section with proverbs about what __________ dream of.
(a) deities
(b) animals
(c) plants
(d) rocks

5. Freud says we bring our __________ experience to the _________ experience of dreaming.
(a) unconscious, pre-conscious
(b) conscious, subconscious
(c) real, unreal
(d) subconscious, conscious

6. What sparked interest in how general the theory of wish fulfillment in dreams is?
(a) A sleepless night
(b) A book Freud read
(c) The Irma dream
(d) A walk in the park

7. Freud offers to prove the theory that dreams are not driven by ________.
(a) logic
(b) morals
(c) past dreams
(d) food

8. The value of the dream is not like a _______________ being banged upon.
(a) wall
(b) floor
(c) musical instrument
(d) pot

9. After a great ______, one should be careful.
(a) discovery
(b) theory
(c) idea
(d) dream

10. Freud works to isolate the problem of how ___________ psychology plays a part in dream psychology.
(a) latent
(b) popular
(c) waking
(d) manifest

11. Dreams are rarely _______, according to Freud.
(a) long
(b) orderly
(c) recurring
(d) easy

12. Freud says that the doctrine is not based on an interpretation of the obvious _______ of dream content.
(a) memories
(b) symbols
(c) background
(d) parts

13. Dreams of ________ are used as primary examples of the need for individual dream interpretation.
(a) inmates
(b) children
(c) men
(d) the eldery

14. The dream is a significant ___________ tool.
(a) life
(b) psychic
(c) divinatory
(d) mental health

15. Patients not only shared their dreams with Freud, but also their ______________.
(a) memories of childhood
(b) journal pages about the dreams
(c) thoughts and feelings about the dreams
(d) family's thoughts about the dreams

Short Answer Questions

1. Times older than one day are remembered the day before the dream and thus are still only __________.

2. Freud also talks about the _________ who have calculated the preponderance of painful or distressing dreams.

3. While dreams are unreal, the ________ that occur in the dream are real.

4. To begin, Freud must question the way the dream is ____________.

5. Freud hopes he will be able to _______ the dream process.

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