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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. By taking the time to consider the answer to #56, this allows for ___________ the first interpretation.
(a) ignoring
(b) uncovering
(c) mastering
(d) listening to

2. What does Freud think people believe is not responsible for creating dreams in the first place?
(a) The world
(b) God
(c) Our friends
(d) The brain

3. What is the "_________________" manner of expressing wishes?
(a) striking and unfamiliar
(b) verbal
(c) verbal and emotional
(d) image-oriented

4. Freud does not believe one set of _________ applies to everyone.
(a) dreams
(b) memories
(c) theories
(d) codes

5. What tends to appear in dreams?
(a) Words
(b) Childhood memories
(c) People we love
(d) Calculations

6. After a great ______, one should be careful.
(a) idea
(b) theory
(c) discovery
(d) dream

7. Freud offers to prove the theory that dreams are not driven by ________.
(a) food
(b) morals
(c) logic
(d) past dreams

8. There is a lack of _______ that occurs when we are dreaming.
(a) sense
(b) morality
(c) spontaneity
(d) choice

9. Dream peculiarity is due to limited ____________ during sleep.
(a) brain activity
(b) conversation
(c) movement
(d) stimuli

10. Dreams which contain material of which we are not aware in our waking state are called what?
(a) Forgettable
(b) Boring
(c) Hyperamnesiac
(d) Unimportant

11. Many people perceive their dreams are _______ or alien.
(a) foreign
(b) silly
(c) wrong
(d) upsetting

12. Freud says we bring our __________ experience to the _________ experience of dreaming.
(a) conscious, subconscious
(b) unconscious, pre-conscious
(c) real, unreal
(d) subconscious, conscious

13. Dream theories hold that dreams are not ____________ activities.
(a) interesting
(b) psychic
(c) valuable
(d) real

14. Freud uses __________ dreams to prove his method is better.
(a) celebrities'
(b) his parents'
(c) his own
(d) modern

15. What leads to a deeper study of dream problems?
(a) Exploration of our own dreams
(b) Journaling
(c) The intrigue of latent content of dreams
(d) Psychology therapy

Short Answer Questions

1. Freud breaks down the __________ of memory with respect to dreams.

2. Freud ends the section with proverbs about what __________ dream of.

3. The exact truth of the memory of the dreamer is questionable because we almost always take ________ with the truth.

4. One of the variables of wish dreams is the way the dream is so uniquely ____________.

5. Who should take heed of sayings that reveal the simple truth of dreams as wish fulfillment?

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