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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The ____________ of dreams is a manifestation of subjective feelings, desires, and passions.
(a) ideas
(b) complexity
(c) images
(d) willfullness

2. Freud does not say there is only one kind of dream as this theory would be easily _________.
(a) identified
(b) refuted
(c) agreed with
(d) understood

3. While dreams are unreal, the ________ that occur in the dream are real.
(a) feelings
(b) answers
(c) images
(d) symbols

4. Dreams make explicit reference to the ___________ day.
(a) next
(b) end of the
(c) preceding
(d) ideal

5. Lay theories are illogical and lack the ________ to deny the importance of dreams.
(a) information
(b) courage
(c) foresight
(d) research

6. Freud breaks down the __________ of memory with respect to dreams.
(a) fine points
(b) inner workings
(c) peculiarities
(d) inconsistencies

7. Freud says that the doctrine is not based on an interpretation of the obvious _______ of dream content.
(a) memories
(b) symbols
(c) background
(d) parts

8. The ideas the dreamer has during the day carry over into the sleeping hours as __________________.
(a) Desires and longings
(b) Ideas and actions
(c) Desires and loathings
(d) Understanding and longing

9. Dreams are psychic activities that are links to our ___________.
(a) psyche
(b) brains
(c) decisions
(d) future

10. After a great ______, one should be careful.
(a) dream
(b) theory
(c) discovery
(d) idea

11. Who thinks dreams with moral issues are actually the responsibility of the dreamer?
(a) Freud
(b) Ferrer
(c) Hillebrandt
(d) Jung

12. Dreams and wishes yet to be _________ can turn up as wish fulfillment dreams that begin in childhood and continue into adulthood.
(a) dreamt
(b) understood
(c) admitted
(d) fulfilled

13. Freud ends the section with proverbs about what __________ dream of.
(a) animals
(b) rocks
(c) deities
(d) plants

14. The interpretation of dreams begins with the _________ content of the dream.
(a) internal
(b) thought
(c) visual
(d) obvious

15. Freud hopes he will be able to _______ the dream process.
(a) argue
(b) discover
(c) clarify
(d) identify

Short Answer Questions

1. What sparked interest in how general the theory of wish fulfillment in dreams is?

2. The contrasts between dreams and waking states are ___________.

3. Dreams we forget are due to what?

4. The dream for the __________ is not meaningless or absurd.

5. ________ and dreaming run in parallel.

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