The Interpretation of Dreams Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. In part one, for what does Freud propose to show a technique for interpreting?

Freud proposes a technique for interpreting dreams and their meanings.

2. What other things (besides the answer to #1) does Freud say he will discuss in the course of the book?

Freud offers to clarify the dream process and to identify the forces that contribute to the creation of dreams.

3. After Freud defines the act of dreaming, what does he include in this section?

Freud gives an historical view of dreams and he discusses the classification system for dreams and dreaming.

4. To what does Freud liken the act of dreaming?

Freud compares dreaming to mental activity such as hallucinations and visions.

5. In relation to the waking state, what does Freud say happens during the dreaming state?

Freud notes that the ideas the dreamer had during the day carry over into the sleeping hours as all of the desires and loathings of the dreamer.

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