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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 6, Part 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Freud agrees he must not be so foolish as to generalize that there is only _______ kind of dream.
(a) a simple
(b) one
(c) a difficult
(d) a recurring

2. Which of these is NOT a form of stimuli?
(a) Sensory
(b) External
(c) Internal physical
(d) Internal

3. What is another form of the childhood memory?
(a) The recurring dream
(b) The wish fulfillment dream
(c) The nonsense dream
(d) The anxiety dream

4. This displacement is also carried out as a _____________ of condensing.
(a) facilitator
(b) instigator
(c) factor
(d) necessity

5. The true nature of ______ is not recognized in the dream, but is usually mistaken for something else.
(a) sound
(b) symbols
(c) memories
(d) stimuli

Short Answer Questions

1. Freud discusses __________ versus __________ dream content.

2. To follow up #146, the answer cannot be denied, even though the dreamer might, upon waking, deny the subject of the __________.

3. By taking the time to consider the answer to #56, this allows for ___________ the first interpretation.

4. Freud questions whether wish fulfillment is a typical __________ of dreams.

5. The dreamer either feels no ___________ to dream content or feels the _________ emotions as a response to the content.

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