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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 6, Part 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. This displacement is also carried out as a _____________ of condensing.
(a) necessity
(b) instigator
(c) facilitator
(d) factor

2. Freud's method of dream collection provided him with the material needed to interpret dreams as _________ of waking reality
(a) ideas
(b) pieces
(c) reflections
(d) concepts

3. Freud uses __________ dreams to prove his method is better.
(a) celebrities'
(b) modern
(c) his own
(d) his parents'

4. The answer to #92, these may or may not be ___________ during waking hours.
(a) available
(b) realistic
(c) obvious
(d) ordinary

5. The main focus of Freud's book is the ___________ of dreams.
(a) disproval
(b) dreaming
(c) sharing
(d) interpreting

Short Answer Questions

1. Freud justifies that his method is a ______ method of dream interpretation.

2. Freud breaks down the __________ of memory with respect to dreams.

3. What occurs frequently for the dreamer in relation to the characteristics specific to the dream?

4. There is a lack of _______ that occurs when we are dreaming.

5. Freud compares dream work to dream ___________.

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