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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5, Part 1.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Dream theories hold that dreams are not ____________ activities.
(a) psychic
(b) valuable
(c) real
(d) interesting

2. The dream for the __________ is not meaningless or absurd.
(a) child
(b) author
(c) doctor
(d) family

3. Times older than one day are remembered the day before the dream and thus are still only __________.
(a) a day old
(b) a new idea
(c) a passing thought
(d) a memory

4. Freud gives a ___________ background of the dream as it was regarded.
(a) argumentative
(b) simple
(c) daring
(d) historical

5. Dream peculiarity is due to limited ____________ during sleep.
(a) conversation
(b) stimuli
(c) brain activity
(d) movement

Short Answer Questions

1. Many people perceive their dreams are _______ or alien.

2. Freud also talks about the _________ who have calculated the preponderance of painful or distressing dreams.

3. The exact truth of the memory of the dreamer is questionable because we almost always take ________ with the truth.

4. The waking brain thinks in ___________ images.

5. While dreams are unreal, the ________ that occur in the dream are real.

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