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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Dream peculiarity is due to limited ____________ during sleep.
(a) movement
(b) stimuli
(c) brain activity
(d) conversation

2. According to Schleiermacher's theory, when we are away, we experience brain activity through ______.
(a) concepts
(b) words
(c) ideas
(d) images

3. The value of the dream is not like a _______________ being banged upon.
(a) floor
(b) musical instrument
(c) wall
(d) pot

4. Dreams and reality are two opposing __________.
(a) realities
(b) studies
(c) movements
(d) phenomena

5. The dream presents the idea in the dream by creating a ___________.
(a) pattern
(b) memory
(c) situation
(d) lie

Short Answer Questions

1. Many people perceive their dreams are _______ or alien.

2. The contrasts between dreams and waking states are ___________.

3. Freud ends the section with proverbs about what __________ dream of.

4. Freud also talks about the _________ who have calculated the preponderance of painful or distressing dreams.

5. Freud quotes _________ in this section.

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