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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 1, Part 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The ____________ of dreams is a manifestation of subjective feelings, desires, and passions.
(a) ideas
(b) images
(c) willfullness
(d) complexity

2. Included in the importance of forgetting dream matter is how __________________ a dream is.
(a) simple or difficult
(b) light or heavy
(c) ordered or disordered
(d) dark or light

3. Who is the French doctor who has a hyperamnesiac dream?
(a) Frank Jessen
(b) Andre Julian
(c) Jean Pierre Garconne
(d) Alfred Maury

4. Dreams think mostly in _________.
(a) ideas
(b) concepts
(c) images
(d) words

5. The dream is best categorized as ____________ and subjective.
(a) obtuse
(b) objective
(c) incoherent
(d) muddled

Short Answer Questions

1. While dreams are unreal, the ________ that occur in the dream are real.

2. Freud likens dreaming to other kinds like mental activity like:

3. Freud works to isolate the problem of how ___________ psychology plays a part in dream psychology.

4. The main focus of Freud's book is the ___________ of dreams.

5. Freud says we bring our __________ experience to the _________ experience of dreaming.

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