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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 1, Part 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The dream presents the idea in the dream by creating a ___________.
(a) memory
(b) lie
(c) situation
(d) pattern

2. The dream is best categorized as ____________ and subjective.
(a) objective
(b) incoherent
(c) muddled
(d) obtuse

3. Freud works to isolate the problem of how ___________ psychology plays a part in dream psychology.
(a) popular
(b) waking
(c) latent
(d) manifest

4. The ____________ of dreams is a manifestation of subjective feelings, desires, and passions.
(a) complexity
(b) images
(c) ideas
(d) willfullness

5. Freud states we have a ____________ to forget dreams.
(a) tendency
(b) duty
(c) reaction
(d) ability

Short Answer Questions

1. Whose poetry does Freud cite as evidence of his own dream manifestations?

2. Who is the French doctor who has a hyperamnesiac dream?

3. Freud says we bring our __________ experience to the _________ experience of dreaming.

4. One's mortality will ____________ in one's dreams.

5. The ideas the dreamer has during the day carry over into the sleeping hours as __________________.

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