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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 6, Part 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After a great ______, one should be careful.
(a) theory
(b) discovery
(c) idea
(d) dream

2. Which of these is NOT considered to be a source of dreams, according to laymen?
(a) Sleep positions
(b) Stomach ills
(c) The weather
(d) Occurrences during sleep

3. The response to stimuli is __________ because the dreaming brain has only brain activity with which to respond.
(a) verbal
(b) logical
(c) psychic
(d) creative

4. The dream is an amalgamation of many kinds of __________, according to Freud.
(a) theories
(b) memories
(c) stimuli
(d) ideas

5. The discussion of calculating dreams is to prove that dreams do not ____________, but merely include numbers and the art of calculating.
(a) make sense
(b) calculate
(c) teach math
(d) predict financial success

Short Answer Questions

1. Freud also includes examples of the dreams of his own, his friends and of ____________.

2. The dream for the __________ is not meaningless or absurd.

3. Which dreams appear alarming but are actually wish fulfillment dreams?

4. Freud questions whether wish fulfillment is a typical __________ of dreams.

5. What takes the place of waking actions?

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