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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 6, Part 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The _________ is the element in dreams that frees dreamers to speak untruths.
(a) censor
(b) dialogue
(c) image
(d) animal

2. After a great ______, one should be careful.
(a) discovery
(b) theory
(c) dream
(d) idea

3. The response to stimuli is __________ because the dreaming brain has only brain activity with which to respond.
(a) psychic
(b) creative
(c) logical
(d) verbal

4. _______ and body stimuli are the physical sources of dreams, according to Freud.
(a) Lung
(b) Skin
(c) Nerve
(d) Head

5. The discussion of calculating dreams is to prove that dreams do not ____________, but merely include numbers and the art of calculating.
(a) predict financial success
(b) calculate
(c) teach math
(d) make sense

Short Answer Questions

1. Who should take heed of sayings that reveal the simple truth of dreams as wish fulfillment?

2. Freud thinks there is a difficulty in using dream examples when they are related out of ___________.

3. To begin, Freud must question the way the dream is ____________.

4. Freud says that writers neglect to include or make less important the somatic dream stimuli if they involve any ________ activity.

5. The value of the dream is not like a _______________ being banged upon.

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