The Interpretation of Dreams Character Descriptions

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Josef Breuer - This person was an Austrian physician who co-wrote "Studies in Hysteria" in 1895. The findings were based on work with a patient referred to by the pseudonym "Anna O.," who suffered from hysteria. This character found that Anna O.'s symptoms were relieved after he put her in a state of mind resembling hypnosis and she described an early childhood experience that had brought on her illness. Anna O. called this process the "talking cure."

Brücke - See Ernst Wilhelm von Brücke

Fleischl - See Professor Ernst Fleischl von Marxow

Wilhelm Fliess - This person was a Berlin physician. An unfortunate incident occurred in 1895 when Freud referred a patient of his, a female hysteric, to this person for an operation on her nose. Freud at that time subscribed to the theory that the nose and the sexual organs were linked. Because of...

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