The Interpretation of Dreams Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Chapter 1, Part 1

• Freud offers a technique for interpreting dreams.

• Freud gives a definition for the act of dreaming.

• The relationship of dreams to waking states is discussed.

• Freud offers the idea of dream-stimuli as a transition to sources of dreaming.

• We bring our conscious experience into the subconscious act of dreaming.

• Freud says we have a tendency to forget dreams because we take them for granted.

Chapter 1, Part 2

• Freud notes it is contradictory to feel that dreams are foreign if they are thought to be a part of the psyche.

• Dreams offer images as perceptions of physical things.

• Dreams include images that are representative of things in real life.

• The dream itself is not strange, but upon waking, a dreamer can find it to be strange.

• The waking brain thinks in verbal images.

• Dreams are best described as incoherent and subjective.

• Dreams can also be poetic, divinatory, and...

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