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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was the name of Hemingway's third wife?
(a) Martha Gellhorn.
(b) Hadley Richardson.
(c) Pauline Pfeiffer.
(d) Mary Welsh.

2. What happened to Rousseau's children?
(a) They were adopted by Lord Boswell in England.
(b) They all died at birth.
(c) He abandoned all of them at orphanages.
(d) They all grew up to be writers.

3. What poem did Shelley dedicate to his first wife?
(a) The Cenci.
(b) The Bride of Abydos.
(c) Horrid Mysteries.
(d) Queen Mab.

4. How did Marx's daughter Laura die?
(a) Throat cancer.
(b) Drowning.
(c) She died in childbirth.
(d) Suicide.

5. What is the name of the person, whom Ibsen based his character of Nora from A Doll's House on?
(a) Miriam White.
(b) Kirste Holst.
(c) Laura Kieler.
(d) Hilde Wangel.

6. What type of vocation did Marx's family (on both sides) participate in?
(a) They were aristocrats.
(b) They were Talmudic scholars.
(c) They were factory workers from the proletariat class.
(d) They were farmers.

7. When Marx could not find an academic position after receiving his doctorate, what type of work did begin?
(a) He became a factory foreman.
(b) He because a privat tutor.
(c) He became a journalist.
(d) He became a librarian.

8. How did Marx support his family financially through most of his life?
(a) He borrowed money and received legacies from family.
(b) He worked as a railway clerk.
(c) His writings were an immediate success and provided handsomely for the family.
(d) He was supported by the government and received a salary for his work.

9. How did Ibsen feel about dogs?
(a) He was deathly afraid of them.
(b) He adored dogs and had several as pets.
(c) He was indifferent to animals in general.
(d) The barking of dogs gave him headaches.

10. What was the name of the estate that Tolstoy inherited from his mother?
(a) Kazan.
(b) The Romanov pula.
(c) Yasnaya Polyana.
(d) Volkonsky.

11. What vices appealed to Tolstoy the most?
(a) Drinking and hunting.
(b) Women and gambling.
(c) Drugs and alcohol.
(d) Lying and forging.

12. What religion did Ibsen follow?
(a) He was Jewish.
(b) He was Protestant.
(c) He was Catholic.
(d) He was an atheist.

13. What work did Rousseau write that was autobiographical?
(a) Emile.
(b) Caro.
(c) L'Essan.
(d) Confessions.

14. Who would receive Shelley's title of baronet?
(a) His friend Byron.
(b) His cousin William.
(c) His son Charles.
(d) His son Percy.

15. What 10,000 word essay did Shelley write in 1821 as a statement of social purpose?
(a) The Revolt of Islam.
(b) Ode to Poetry.
(c) Ode to the Tyrant.
(d) A Defense of Poetry.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of the partner, with whom Marx co-authored many of his works?

2. What occupation did Hemingway serve latter part of the Great War?

3. What was the name of Hemingway's first wife?

4. What type of relationship did Hemingway have with his mother?

5. What was the nickname of Hemingway's son, Jack?

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