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Essay Topic 1

Intellectuals suggests that Rousseau is credited with affecting thinking in five areas. What are those areas, how did Rousseau change the way they were viewed in society and how have other intellectuals discussed in the book been influenced by them?

Essay Topic 2

Intellectuals suggests that many great thinkers have uncommon or dysfunctional personal or family relationships. Using textual evidence, identify at least three thinkers who had uncommon family relationships and discuss how this effected their work and their personal life, comparing and contrasting each thinker with the other.

Essay Topic 3

Johnson suggests that many of the thinkers could not relate or communicate with people, but were great at sympathizing with ideas. Using textual evidence, identify at least three thinkers who sympathized with ideas rather than actual people and explain how this was manifested.

Essay Topic 4

Johnson spend a lot of time discussing how each Intellectual saw...

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