Innumeracy: Mathematical Illiteracy and Its Consequences Test | Mid-Book Test - Easy

John Allen Paulos
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What percentage of possible fatality is almost always incorrect?
(a) 50%.
(b) 25%.
(c) 99%.
(d) 1%.

2. People often compare which event?
(a) Birthdays.
(b) Anniversaries.
(c) Age.
(d) Shoe size.

3. The author believes people need to learn how to understand _______.
(a) Geometry.
(b) Algebra.
(c) Higher math concepts.
(d) Large numbers.

4. In what year did the Italian scientist make this discovery?
(a) 1942.
(b) 1573.
(c) 1349.
(d) 1618.

5. What is the probability of 2 people being linked by 2 intermediates?
(a) 1%.
(b) 99%.
(c) 75%.
(d) 56%.

6. What is Paulos' forte?
(a) Explaining coincidences.
(b) Devising new calculating systems.
(c) Solving riddles.
(d) Creating word problems.

7. What theory states that any number, no matter how large, can be achieved by adding smaller numbers together?
(a) Pythagorean Theorem.
(b) The Archimedes Principle.
(c) Theory of Relativity.
(d) Euclid's Law.

8. Each person knows approximately how many people?
(a) 1,800.
(b) 1,000.
(c) 2,000.
(d) 1,500.

9. In what year was the discovery made?
(a) 1394.
(b) 1537.
(c) 1492.
(d) 1681.

10. What makes Paulos crazy about major math mistakes.
(a) People don't notice.
(b) It is accepted.
(c) No one cares.
(d) No one corrects the offender.

11. How does the business man travel?
(a) Train.
(b) Boat.
(c) Bus.
(d) Plane.

12. What would make math easier for people?
(a) Giving everyone a calculator.
(b) Making it personal.
(c) Destroying all calculators.
(d) Spelling it out.

13. Where do the two people meet?
(a) Bar.
(b) Restaurant.
(c) Business trip.
(d) Mall.

14. What professional often makes major errors in calculating percentages?
(a) Lawyer.
(b) Salesman.
(c) Doctor.
(d) Math teacher.

15. What news professional makes common errors in predictions?
(a) Science analyst.
(b) Anchor.
(c) Political reporter.
(d) Meteorologist.

Short Answer Questions

1. This doctor was fond of which topic?

2. What stadium is referenced?

3. What restaurant is referenced?

4. The first stranger's wife went to what kind of camp?

5. Which phrase is often used incorrectly?

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