Innumeracy: Mathematical Illiteracy and Its Consequences Test | Mid-Book Test - Easy

John Allen Paulos
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. People often compare which event?
(a) Age.
(b) Birthdays.
(c) Anniversaries.
(d) Shoe size.

2. What item of clothing is used in an example?
(a) Shoe.
(b) Skirt.
(c) Sock.
(d) Coat.

3. What is the name of the expert in this chapter?
(a) Paulos.
(b) Pythagoras.
(c) Euclid.
(d) Newton.

4. What item in the stadium is used as an example?
(a) Vendors.
(b) Seats.
(c) Players.
(d) Bases.

5. What number is used in the joke about the population of the city?
(a) 6.
(b) 18.
(c) 120.
(d) 1,000.

6. Why do people notice the coincidences?
(a) Focus on wins.
(b) Someone points them out.
(c) Look for patterns.
(d) Focus on bad things.

7. What would make math easier for people?
(a) Giving everyone a calculator.
(b) Destroying all calculators.
(c) Making it personal.
(d) Spelling it out.

8. What did the Italian scientist discover?
(a) Bubonic plague.
(b) Atom.
(c) Combustible fuel.
(d) Pluto.

9. In what did the doctor not believe?
(a) Vaccines.
(b) Surgery.
(c) Coincidences.
(d) Phobias.

10. According to the text how many adults are there in the US?
(a) 200 million.
(b) 100 million.
(c) 300 million.
(d) 250 million.

11. What type of academic would most likely cringe over a misused word?
(a) Philatilist.
(b) Garanimal.
(c) Philologist.
(d) Grammarian.

12. Where do the two people meet?
(a) Restaurant.
(b) Mall.
(c) Bar.
(d) Business trip.

13. What is the man afraid of?
(a) Bomb.
(b) Crash.
(c) Snake.
(d) Heights.

14. What item in the structure is referenced?
(a) Nails.
(b) Windows.
(c) Bricks.
(d) Doors.

15. What is the probability of people being directly linked?
(a) 10%.
(b) 25%.
(c) 99%.
(d) 1%.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of the mathematician who sees everything in numbers?

2. How many seats are there in the stadium?

3. What about coincidence makes it the most noticeable among events?

4. What professional often makes major errors in calculating percentages?

5. What does the man gauge to help his fear?

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