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The Entertainment

This item is a film cartridge with two names, one of which is the namesake of the novel.

The Enfield Tennis Academy

This institution was founded by James Incandenza outside of Boston.

Organization of North American Nations

This is the governmental organization in the future that is presented in the novel.

The Ennet House Drug and Alcohol Recovery House

This institution is a recovery center outside Boston.

The United States Office of Unspecified Services

This organization is an espionage agency.

The Union of the Hideous and Improbably Deformed

This is a group of people who have banded together to support each other because of their deformities.

Les Assassins des Faueuils Roulants

This is a Quebec separatist group.

Madame Psychosis

This is a drug similar to LSD, but with slightly different effects.

Port Washington Tennis Academy

This institution is a tennis school in Long Island, N.Y...

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