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The Entertainment

Create a film that is 5 to 10 minutes long that represents your idea of what The Entertainment contains. Work in a group of 3 to 5 students.

Family Portrait

Create a family portrait of the Incandenza family, showing James, Avril, Mario, Hal, and Orin.


Research one of the settings, such as New York, and create a profile for it. Research a restaurant you think Mario and Hal would eat at, for example. Include at least four specific locations in your profile of the setting.


Several organizations and establishments are listed in infinite Jest, such as Ennet House, Wheelchair Assassins, and Enfield Academy. In a group, create a handbook for members of this organization or establishment. It might include photos of the location for this group, rules for being in this group, and a mission statement.

Character Time Line

Create a time line that follows one of the...

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