Infinite Jest Character Descriptions

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Hal Incandenza

This character is very intelligent, though insecure, and his mental stability deteriorates as the novel goes on.

Orin Incandenza

This character is a football player and is estranged from everyone in his family, besides his brother.

Avril Incandenza

This character presides over a tennis academy and has frequent affairs with men.

Mario Incandenza

This character is deformed with a congenital condition and he works on his father's films.

Joelle Van Dyne

This character is an actress, but she wears a veil because she was disfigured in an acid attack.

Charles Tavis

This character is the head of the Enfield Tennis Academy.

Michael Pemulis

This character is a student at the tennis academy who deals drugs on campus.

Ortho Stice

This character appears to be visited by a ghost.

John Wayne

This character is a tennis player and student at the tennis academy who has an affair...

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