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Short Answer Questions

1. Who tackles Burton while William is recovering from the bullet wound?

2. What tool does Ben use to enlarge the burrow in Chapter Eight?

3. What animal does the badger bring for Ben to eat that he cannot bring himself to eat in Chapter Ten?

4. As Chapter Eight opens, which of the following is NOT a reason Ben is having trouble sleeping?

5. What does John find after Ben's adventure that confirms his story for his family?

Short Essay Questions

1. What are William's thoughts when Ben asks if the badger will live?

2. Why do both William and Ben believe they are responsible for William hitting Ben during the badger skinning?

3. Describe the fight between Burton and William.

4. Describe the condition of the MacDonalds in the weeks after Ben's disappearance.

5. Why is William initially unconcerned about Ben's location in Chapter Nine?

6. Describe the process by which Ben cleans the badger's injured paw.

7. Describe why the MacDonald family finally accepts Ben's story as complete truth.

8. Why does the badger follow John's horse when he rides for home with Ben?

9. In Chapter Eight, does the badger intend to bring the prairie chicken for Ben or does he essentially steal it from her?

10. Why is Ben afraid of the badger when she returns to her den and finds him there?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Ben's relationship with his father evolves a number of times throughout the story. Analyze and discuss these changes and how the different stages of their relationship affects each of them. Use supporting information from the text.

Essay Topic 2

Eckert includes some imagery--such as the deaths of animals--that may strike the reader as gruesome and unnecessary. Are these details unnecessary? Or are they essential to the story? What message does the author intend to convey with these descriptions? Is the author heartless? Or is he merely trying to present an accurate picture of nature?

Essay Topic 3

William and Esther have very different approaches to dealing with their son's disability. Compare and contrast their methods and examine which method seems to be more effective. Be sure to use supporting information from the text.

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