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Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Ben plan to bury the badger?

2. As William continues his search for Ben in Chapter Nine, which of the following animals does he NOT worry may have attacked the boy?

3. What is the most surprising part of the changes in Ben for his family in Chapter Twelve?

4. As Chapter Eight opens, which of the following is NOT a reason Ben is having trouble sleeping?

5. To what conclusion has John come at the beginning of Chapter Eleven?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why has Ben been unresponsive to his family until he is taken into the house after his rescue?

2. Why does the author make a point of saying that Ben cries for his father at the end of Chapter Eight?

3. Why does the MacDonald family allow the badger to move in with them?

4. Why does Ben go to such lengths to hide Lobo's body after the badger kills him?

5. Why does Ben not recognize his brother when John first attempts contact with him in Chapter Eleven?

6. Why does Ben retreat to the burrow and hide when he sees Burton and Lobo riding nearby?

7. Describe William's orders to Burton after the fight.

8. Esther is concerned about her son all morning in Chapter Nine, and yet she does not go look for him. Why?

9. Describe the fight between Burton and William.

10. Why do both William and Ben believe they are responsible for William hitting Ben during the badger skinning?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

How much of a role does imagery play in the novel? The author spends a lot of time describing nature; would the novel be as effective without these descriptions? Why or why not? Be sure to include supporting information from the text.

Essay Topic 2

Discuss the relationship between William and Esther MacDonald. Do the two have a believable relationship? What are the major sources of conflict between the two of them, if any? Use supporting details from the book to support your paper.

Essay Topic 3

Based on his treatment of each group in the novel, does the author prefer humans or animals? What evidence supports your theory? Which group does the author spend more time describing, and why?

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