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Short Answer Questions

1. After the fight between Burton and the MacDonalds, William tells Burton to do what?

2. Burton says, when the search party is unable to locate Ben, that the boy must have gone where?

3. What leads Ben to conclude that the badger was not a dream after his first night in the badger den?

4. What article(s) of clothing does Ben lose while trying to find shelter from the storm?

5. In Chapter Ten, how many horsemen does Ben see when he leaves the burrow for a drink?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Ben go to such lengths to hide Lobo's body after the badger kills him?

2. Why does the search team from North Corners not turn up any sign of Ben in the two days they spend looking?

3. Why does the search team finally call off their search for Ben after two days?

4. Describe Ben's appearance when John finds him and returns home.

5. Describe why the MacDonald family finally accepts Ben's story as complete truth.

6. In Chapter Eight, does the badger intend to bring the prairie chicken for Ben or does he essentially steal it from her?

7. Why does John decide to use his prized rifle to mark the spot where he found Ben's shoe, as the rifle will certainly be ruined?

8. Describe the fight between Burton and William.

9. What are William's thoughts when Ben asks if the badger will live?

10. Why does the author make a point of saying that Ben cries for his father at the end of Chapter Eight?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss the relationship between William and Esther MacDonald. Do the two have a believable relationship? What are the major sources of conflict between the two of them, if any? Use supporting details from the book to support your paper.

Essay Topic 2

George Burton is banished but not necessarily defeated at the end of the novel. Does this negate his status as the embodiment of evil in the novel? Or is the author trying to say that good is not always completely victorious?

Essay Topic 3

Are Eckert's animals lifelike and believable? Or are they too anthropomorphic to be real? Pick three animals from the story (aside from the badger) and discuss how realistic the animals seem.

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