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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 10.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What animal do Ben and the badger fight and kill at the end of Chapter Ten?
(a) Wolverine.
(b) Wolf.
(c) Lobo.
(d) Bear.

2. How does the female badger free herself from the trap?
(a) She manages to pry the trap open.
(b) She separates the trap from the chain.
(c) She chews off the part of her body stuck in the trap.
(d) She separates the chain from the rock.

3. After the relationship between Ben and the badger begins to grow, how long does he spend most of his time underground?
(a) One week.
(b) Two weeks.
(c) Two days.
(d) One month.

4. How many days does it take for Ben to notice an improvement in the badger's paw after he cleans it?
(a) Six days.
(b) Two months.
(c) Four hours.
(d) Two days.

5. At the beginning of Chapter Six, how long does the female badger stay in the den with her pups after her last hunt?
(a) Five days.
(b) Six hours.
(c) Three days.
(d) Twenty-four hours.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where is Burton while the female badger is struggling with the trap?

2. While examining the mouse skull abandoned by the hawk, Ben discovers what?

3. After Ben eats the meal the badger has brought him, how else does she attempt to feed him?

4. In Chapter Three, how is the relationship between William and Esther?

5. By dawn of the second morning caught in the trap, what has the female badger accomplished?

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