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Hawk's Hill

This location is the MacDonald family residence.

North Corners

This location is the nearest town to the MacDonald farm.

The Badger Hole

After trying another place, Ben finally takes refuge in this location when he finds himself lost in the thunderstorm.

The Rock Outcropping

Ben first tries to take refuge here during the thunderstorm, but discovers that it is not a good shelter and finds another place to hide.

The Meadow

This location is where Ben first meets the badger while still close to the family farm; after the badger is shot, Ben decides to bury her here.

The Barn

This is Ben's favorite location on the family farm, and he often hides here to study animals in peace.

Ben's Shoes

Ben loses this item while running during the thunderstorm, and it is this item that John finds weeks later that finally leads to Ben's recovery...

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