Incident at Hawk's Hill Fun Activities

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From the description given in the prologue, create a map showing the Winnipeg region and include the site that becomes the MacDonald farm on Hawk's Hill.

Pioneer's Diary

Readers are introduced to William and Esther MacDonald as they find the site for their farm, but it can be inferred that they have been through a great deal together before finding the site. Write a diary from either Esther or William's perspective about the trials they encounter before finding their dream farmland.

Animal Charades

Ben's ability to mimic animals is arguably his most unique characteristic. Pick an animal and act out that animal's behavior; can classmates guess what animal you're supposed to be?

Farm Portrait

From the descriptions provided in the book, draw a portrait of the MacDonald family farm. Include all buildings as well as the family.

Being Esther

Do some research and find out what sort...

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