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• William and Esther MacDonald are a young couple looking for land to farm.

• The MacDonalds set up a family homestead and name it Hawk's Hill.
• William and Esther grow the farm over a few years from a small cabin and small farm plot to a roomy house and a large farmstead.

• The young couple begin to raise a family and produce four children.
• Ben MacDonald, a six-year old, is the youngest member of the MacDonald family.

• Ben is a rather odd child who has difficulty relating to people and responds much better to animals.

• Ben is small and underdeveloped for his age.

Chapter 1

• Ben MacDonald is following a mouse and imitating its behavior.

• William MacDonald finds his son in the barn.
• William MacDonald is disgusted with his son's obsession with animals.

• The MacDonalds prepare to meet George Burton, their new neighbor.

• Burton asks for permission to set...

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