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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Michael can't speak because he is what?
(a) Dead and numb.
(b) Deaf and dumb.
(c) Debb and duff.
(d) Deed and guff.

2. In "Oxfam", the word "Ivan" is pronounced as what, according to "All Abord Speeching"?
(a) Aivan.
(b) Octilan.
(c) Orvan.
(d) Ovan.

3. The narrator of "The Fingletoad Resort of Teddiviscious" asks, "Do you prepare Rinkled Dinglebone or Tichie ______?"
(a) Blogletean.
(b) Ovaltine.
(c) Bimplebean.
(d) Bombletean.

4. In the first line of "I Remember Arnold", the narrator says, "I remember" whom?
(a) Freddy Mays.
(b) Kakky Hargreaves.
(c) Jonny Giggles.
(d) Gilly Hawkins.

5. What is the "coloured man" eating as he dances by in "Neville Club"?
(a) A banana.
(b) An olive.
(c) A tomato.
(d) An apple.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the "owld loon" jump out calling himself in "Treasure Ivan"?

2. What does one character in "Neville Club" grow in his sleep?

3. Who is the character going to meet at the end of "I Wandered"?

4. What time is it in "Scene three Act one"?

5. What is the "coloured woman's" name in "Scene three Act one"?

Short Essay Questions

1. What takes place in "On Safairy with the Whide Hunter"?

2. "I Sat Belonely" is a poem which describes what?

3. What is the excerpt "A Letter" about?

4. Describe the topic of "All Abord Speeching." What is this selection satirizing?

5. Where does the story of "Treasure Ivan" begin? What takes place in the beginning of this tale?

6. What happens in the story "Victor Triumphs Again and Mrs. Weatherby Learns a Lesson"?

7. What events take place in the short story "Sad Michael"?

8. Where do the characters go in "Treasure Ivan"? What are the events that take place in this story?

9. What is left unexplained in "Henry and Harry"?

10. What happens in the short story, "A Surprise for Little Bobby"?

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