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1. What did Paul McCartney say of the collection in the Introduction of the book?

Paul discussed how he met John Lennon and how they became friends. In this excerpt, he also noted Lennon's artistic and rebellious nature, describing how Lennon went to an art college where many of these stories and poems developed as contributions for the school magazine. Lastly, he wrote, "There are bound to be thickheads who will wonder why some of it doesn't make sense, and others who will search for hidden meanings."

2. What is the most notable feature of John Lennon's writing in this collection?

The most notable feature of the works in the book is Lennon's use of literary nonsense and portmanteau. Throughout the works, Lennon makes up words, intentionally misspells words, and combines words. Other principle elements include the surrealism of the works and his abrupt ending of stories.

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