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Essay Topic 1

Define portmanteau and describe how John Lennon uses it in his works throughout the book.

Essay Topic 2

What is "nonsense literature"? Who is the major influence of Lennon's in this genre? How does this term apply to the works of In His Own Write?

Essay Topic 3

Discuss how Lennon's illustrations complement the writings of In His Own Write. Who is Lennon's principle influence in his artistic style?

Essay Topic 4

Discuss the term "satire" as it applies to Lennon's works. Give examples of satire in different selections from the book.

Essay Topic 5

Compare the poems "Good Dog Nigel" and "Alec Speaking." How do these poems compare structurally and thematically?

Essay Topic 6

Describe the themes which are prevalent in the works of In His Own Write as a whole. Which themes are the most predominant? What examples illustrate this?

Essay Topic 7

Discuss Lennon's treatment of women, minorities, and...

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