Objects & Places from Impulse

Ellen Hopkins
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Aspen Springs

This is where the majority of the novel takes place; it is located twenty miles away from Tahoe, Nevada.

Perimeter Track

This is where Connor and Tony exercise in the spring.

Dining Room

This is where the main characters begin to socialize. It becomes their common ground.

Redwood Room

This is the room where Connor stays at Aspen Springs.

Black Rock Desert

This is where the Aspen Springs wilderness camp is located.

Paper Clip

This is what Vanessa steals in order to cut herself.

Razor Blade

This is what Vanessa uses to cut herself at home, and what she attempts to use to commit suicide.

Wilderness Camp Guides

These are meant to be studied in preparation for an unfamiliar experience.


These focus on happiest memories and allow each of the characters to reflect and open up about themselves.


These are given to the teens...

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