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Ellen Hopkins
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Essay Topic 1

Each of the three teen characters has been admitted to Aspen Springs psychiatric hospital for attempted suicide.

1) How and why did Vanessa attempt suicide?

2) How and why did Conner attempt suicide?

3) How and why did Tony attempt suicide?

Essay Topic 2

Conner is cold and distant when he arrives at Aspen Springs. As the story moves along, he begins to warm up to others and show more of his vulnerabilities. What are Conner's parents like? What is his sister like? How have he and Cara been competing with each other? Why do they compete like they do? Is Conner more like his parents than he would like to admit? Explain. How is Conner different than his mother and father? Provide examples from the story in your answer.

Essay Topic 3

Conner has a history of confusing love and sex. He was molested by his nanny as a child...

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