Impulse Character Descriptions

Ellen Hopkins
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Tony Anthony Cecarrelli III

This character is a street-smart patient at Aspen Springs who has spent time in jail for murder.

Conner Aaron Sykes

This character is an attractive, well-groomed patient at the Aspen Springs who has dated teachers and believes others can be easily controlled.

Vanessa Angela O'Reilly

This character has a bipolar disorder and is terrified of church.

Conner's Mother

This character demands perfection from their child.

Tony's Father

This character has been absent from their child's life for many years, but is paying for Aspen Springs.

Vanessa's Father

This character is currently serving in Afghanistan.

Vanessa's Grandmother

This character, who works as a nurse, is kind and sweet.


This character gets Vanessa to decorate Easter eggs instead of cutting herself.

Dr. Starr

This character is referred to as the bulldog.

Dr. Boston

This character is attractive and has caught Connor's eye.

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