Impulse Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Ellen Hopkins
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Chapter 1-6, Conner to Vanessa

• Chapter 1:

• Conner arrives at Aspen Springs after trying to commit suicide by shooting himself in the chest.

• Chapter 2:

• Tony watches Conner arrive and thinks about his own drug use and suicide attempt. He tried to overdose on Valium.

• Chapter 3:

• Vanessa is on Prozac after trying to slit her wrists. Her brother found her in the bathtub and saved her life.
• Chapter 4:

• Conner thinks about his room and doesn't understand why he was committed.

• He thinks about how he was popular.

• Chapter 5:

• Tony recounts the time he spent in solitary and how angry it made him.

• Tony remembers his best friend, Phillip, and his uncaring mother.

• Chapter 6:

• Vanessa remembers her grandmother calling 911 and how she apologized to her grandmother for staining the tub.

• She thinks about Trevor, a boy she loves.

Chapter 7-12, Conner to Vanessa

• Chapter 7:

• Conner gets settled in and meets Dr...

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