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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Leonardo fear when he notices an abundance of dried blood on his arm and hand and clothing upon waking?

2. In the novel's opening line, what does the protagonist say is murder?

3. In Chapter 2, which fellow police officer does Eve ask to assist her with Boomer's murder case?

4. To what does Leonardo confess?

5. Which of the following statements does not describe Boomer's room?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Roarke have such a state of the art gym?

2. What is the history of Roarke's relationship with Summerset?

3. How does Eve get Dickie Berenski to speed up his report on the evidence from Boomer's apartment?

4. Does Eve approach her interview of Mavis concerning Pandora's murder in Chapter 4 as a cop or as a friend and how does Mavis respond to Eve's approach?

5. What conflict does Eve experience regarding Mavis while investigating Pandora's murder?

6. What incidents in Chapter 2 show Eve's competence as a police officer?

7. Describe Eve's nightmares and why Eve is terrified of facing memories of her childhood.

8. What evidence in Chapter 4 makes Mavis look guilty of murdering Pandora?

9. Why is Eve terrified of marriage?

10. What data does Dickie Berenski provide about the unknown substance Eve retrieved from Boomer's apartment?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Immortal in Death takes place in New York in 2058. Discuss how the geographical and chronological setting affect the story and how the characters and story might differ if the author had set the novel in present day New York instead. Cite examples from the text to support your arguments.

Essay Topic 2

Discuss Eve's relationship with Summerset and how it changes or grows during the course of the novel. Cite examples from the text to support your arguments.

Essay Topic 3

Discuss the novel's theme of getting too personally involved in a situation. Include a discussion of the danger Eve faces of getting too personally involved in the investigation of Pandora's murder when her friend Mavis is charged with the crime, a discussion of how Commander Whitney got too personally involved in a previous case, and how Peabody becomes too personally involved with Casto during the murder investigation to see his true character. Cite examples from the text to support your arguments.

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