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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Eve provoke Jerry Fitzgerald into assaulting her with a glass of champagne at Leonardo's fashion show?
(a) She wants to prove Jerry is capable of violence.
(b) She distracts Jerry while Peabody interviews Leonardo.
(c) She hates Jerry.
(d) So she can search Jerry's dressing room upon Jerry's arrest.

2. Which of the following statements does not describe Crack, the owner of the club Eve visits at the beginning of Chapter 11?
(a) He wears a pink loincloth with a feathered vest.
(b) He is a short, slender Asian man.
(c) He has a tatooed face.
(d) He is a large black man.

3. Why does Justin hate the person against whom he wants to testify?
(a) Redmond killed Pandora.
(b) Redmond was a rival for Pandora's love.
(c) Redmond tried to sabotage Justin's acting career.
(d) Redmond got Justin's girlfriend Jerry hooked on Immortality.

4. Who is furious at the beginning of Chapter 19 to learn Eve is not immediately charging Jerry Fitzgerald with Pandora's murder?
(a) Mavis.
(b) Casto.
(c) Roarke.
(d) Commander Whitney.

5. What does Eve think motivates Casto to pin Pandora's murder on Jerry Fitzgerald?
(a) He hates junkies like Jerry.
(b) He wants to make a name for himself in the media.
(c) He is an inexperienced homicide investigator.
(d) He wants to solve the case to get promoted to captain.

6. In Chapter 18, who does Justin Young agree to testify against in exchange for a deal from the cops?
(a) Jerry Fitzgerald.
(b) Paul Redmond.
(c) Mavis.
(d) Leonardo.

7. What tip does Eve get about Pandora's drug source while getting her makeover?
(a) The source frequents the Zigzag Club.
(b) Pandora made intergalactic palm link calls to the source.
(c) The source is female.
(d) The source is one of Pandora's relatives.

8. What is Hetta Moppett's tie to the murders Eve is investigating?
(a) She knew Boomer and is murdered the same way he was.
(b) Eve finds the unknown drug on Hetta's corpse.
(c) She was Pandora's best friend.
(d) She is a new police officer assigned to help Eve.

9. Which suspect in Pandora's murder case does Feeney learn has had a meeting with a travel consultant about a trip for two to the Eden Colony?
(a) Jerry Fitzgerald.
(b) Paul Redmond.
(c) Mavis.
(d) Justin Young.

10. Why does Jerry Fitzgerald take Immortality?
(a) It energizes her.
(b) So she'll look as youthful as Pandora.
(c) She does anything new and trendy.
(d) She takes any drug that comes along.

11. What foods does Roarke say Eve would live off of if he didn't keep his AutoChef well stocked?
(a) Soy dogs and soy bologna.
(b) Soy burgers and irradiated powdered eggs.
(c) Coffee and donuts.
(d) Tuna fish and grilled cheese.

12. Who leads Eve and Peabody into the laboratory of Dr. Engrave?
(a) Anna-6, a lab droid.
(b) Summerset.
(c) Casto.
(d) Roarke.

13. Where does Eve think Jerry Fitzgerald will go once she's released from jail?
(a) Paul Redford's home.
(b) Justin Young's apartment.
(c) Leonardo's loft.
(d) Her attorney's office.

14. What garment does Leonardo make Eve try on in Chapter 12?
(a) A space suit.
(b) A foundation garment to go under her wedding dress.
(c) A business suit.
(d) Her wedding dress.

15. Where does Eve send Jerry Fitzgerald in lieu of sending her to jail?
(a) A safe house in the mountains.
(b) A rehab center for substance addiction.
(c) Eden Colony.
(d) A hospital.

Short Answer Questions

1. For what does Paul Redford have a license?

2. Which of the following statements is not a reason Eve does not immediately charge Jerry Fitzgerald with Pandora's murder?

3. When Eve interviews Paul Redford in Chapter 14, which of Redford's financial transactions arouses Eve's suspicions?

4. What does Eve think Jerry Fitzgerald's blue energy drink contains?

5. While at the florists with Roarke to select the flowers for her wedding, what information does Eve ask the florist to divulge?

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