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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do the security videos at Club Zigzag reveal about Mavis on the night of Pandora's murder that point to her possible guilt in the crime?
(a) She was not there at the time she testified she was.
(b) She was there with Pandora.
(c) In the club, her neck was scratched but not her face.
(d) She and Pandora fought there.

2. When Mavis sees the mess in Leonardo's apartment, what does she fear has happened?
(a) That someone has killed Leonardo.
(b) That Leonardo has injured or killed himself.
(c) That Pandora has killed herself.
(d) That Leonardo's dog is injured.

3. What does Eve observe on Mavis's hand during their call?
(a) Blood.
(b) A bandage.
(c) A mole.
(d) An engagement ring.

4. What are "Free-Agers"?
(a) People not ashamed of growing old.
(b) People into rural living and having children.
(c) Followers of a new religion advocating vegetarianism.
(d) Beggars.

5. What does Roarke serve Eve when she comes home late in Chapter 7 after a grueling day arresting and booking Mavis?
(a) Eggs and tea.
(b) A hamburger and fries.
(c) Lobster and caviar.
(d) Steak and a baked potato with wine.

6. Which of the following is not an amenity found in Roarke's home?
(a) A target range.
(b) A Turkish bath and an isolation tank.
(c) A small theater and a meditation lounge.
(d) A nursery.

7. What are the results of the lab report from Pandora's apartment?
(a) The only skin, fingerprints, and blood at the scene are Mavis's.
(b) The fingerprint and blood evidence is of someone unknown.
(c) There is no blood or fingerprint evidence. It was wiped clean.
(d) The evidence proves Leonardo was present at the scene.

8. Why does Mavis make an audiovisual uplink call to Eve in the middle of the night at the beginning of Chapter 4?
(a) She is stranded at a downtown club and needs a ride home.
(b) She thinks Pandora is dead and doesn't know what to do.
(c) She has been in a car wreck and is injured.
(d) She is locked out of her apartment.

9. What security measure is present in the lobby of Boomer's flophouse?
(a) A security guard.
(b) A burglar alarm.
(c) A security camera.
(d) A security droid.

10. What is Justin Young's profession?
(a) He's a race car driver.
(b) He's a brain surgeon.
(c) He's a tennis pro.
(d) He's an actor.

11. Which police officer takes Mavis into Interview to question her about Pandora's death?
(a) Eve.
(b) Casto.
(c) Feeney.
(d) Peabody.

12. Whose parents are Free-Agers?
(a) Roarke's.
(b) Leonardo's.
(c) Mavis's.
(d) Peabody's.

13. To what does Leonardo confess?
(a) Pandora's murder.
(b) Boomer's murder.
(c) Drug peddling.
(d) Drug possession.

14. Who arrests Mavis in Chapter 7 for Pandora's murder?
(a) Casto.
(b) Peabody.
(c) Eve.
(d) Feeney.

15. What does Jerry Fitzgerald say about Pandora's drug use?
(a) Pandora only used the illegal drug, Zeus.
(b) Pandora only took prescription pills and drank alcohol.
(c) Pandora was a champion user who would gulp down anything.
(d) Pandora never took drugs.

Short Answer Questions

1. What term does Mavis use in Chapter 7 to describe a jail cell?

2. What off planet location did Pandora visit shortly before her death?

3. Who provides the best defense team in the country for Mavis?

4. What does Roarke tell Eve about the safety of space travel?

5. What is Eve going shopping for at the beginning of Chapter 1?

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