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Leonardo's Apartment - This place is where the main character meets the designer of her dress and is attacked by a woman who will soon be dead.

Security Cameras - In 2058, all businesses, homes, and even flop-houses have this object to record who goes in and out.

Bag of Powder - A snitch died hiding this.

Immortal Blossom - This object is the source of Immortality and is not native to earth.

Hair - The main character's best friend's preferred shade for this object is blue, the hairdresser's is multi-colored corkscrews, the first murder victim's is bright red, and the main character's is like deer fur, multi-colored gold/brown/bronze colors.

Wedding Dress - This object is not a traditional white, but a beautiful bronze/copper color to complement Eve's coloring.

Auto Chef - This object automatically prepares meals, but still must be manually stocked.

Cars -...

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