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Chapter 1

• Set in New York City in 2058, Immortal in Death by J. D. Robb the story involves the fashion industry, with top models vying for a source of Immortality, a drug that guarantees a fountain of youth with the annoying side effect of being highly addictive and eventually fatal.

• Just one dose of Immortality is enough to kill, but for some, the main effects of the drug are worth the risks.
• Eve Dallas, a Lieutenant in the New York City Police Department, Homicide Division, is getting married to a man known only by the single Irish name of Roarke.

• Eve promises her friend, Mavis, to meet with a designer Mavis knows to have a wedding dress designed specifically for her.

• Since Mavis is not known for her taste either in music or clothing, Roarke is very afraid of what Eve's dress will look like after her wild and...

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