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Short Answer Questions

1. How does Michel feel about returning to his studies?

2. Where do Michel and his wife settle down for him to resume his studies?

3. When is the last time the friends have all been together?

4. How does Michel feel on his last night in Biskra?

5. How old is Michel's wife when they marry?

Short Essay Questions

1. What repulses Michel when he walks in on Marceline nursing an Arab boy in their hotel room? What does this prove regarding Michel's growing interest in boys?

2. Describe how Michel spends his days and nights upon returning to Biskra with Marceline.

3. As Michel's interest in boys grows, so do the lies he tells his wife. What does Michel tell his wife he is doing in the shady groves, and what is he really doing when she walks ahead into the sunlight?

4. Who is the letter written to that outlines the story and who wrote the letter?

5. What do Michel and Menalque do during their last visit?

6. What is the importance of the alliteration and repetition used in Part 2, Chapter 1 when the author writes "Autumn is advancing?"

7. What does Michel have the barber do and why is he startled with the results?

8. How does Marceline feel about her role as Michel's wife by the end of Part 2, and why?

9. What does Michel approve pricey expenditures for and why?

10. What happens when Marceline asks Michel to pray for her?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss health as a motif in The Immoralist.

Essay Topic 2

What is the importance of tuberculosis in The Immoralist?

Essay Topic 3

What is the primary theme of The Immoralist? How does the author present this theme? How does the theme develop throughout the novel?

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