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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Michel really doing as his wife walks ahead at their new walking place?
(a) Breathing exercises in the fresh air.
(b) Meeting lots of new boys.
(c) Playing marbles with the children.
(d) Resting in the shade.

2. Where does Michel recuperate from his illness on the honeymoon trip?
(a) At the university.
(b) In the hospital.
(c) At his Normandy estate.
(d) In the hotel.

3. What is one obstacle in the relationship between Michel and his wife?
(a) Her frugality.
(b) Her religion.
(c) Her relationships with little boys.
(d) Her desire to have children.

4. At the end of Part 1, Chapter 3, who is Michel's favorite boy?
(a) Ali.
(b) Menalgue.
(c) Moktir.
(d) Harish.

5. In Part 1, Chapter 8, who is driving the carriage in which Michel's wife is riding?
(a) A little boy.
(b) An old woman.
(c) His wife herself.
(d) A madman.

6. Why does Michel pick the location and house he does for their residence during his new job in Part 1, Chapter 9?
(a) Because it's big enough for grand parties.
(b) For it's serenity.
(c) For it's nature walks.
(d) For it's lively night life.

7. As Michel works aggressively toward a full recovery, what does Michel put aside to concentrate more on his physical recovery?
(a) Reading his Bible.
(b) His intellectual pursuits.
(c) His emphasis on diet.
(d) His marriage.

8. What does the information Michel receives in the mail regarding his illness show him?
(a) The treatment he has been following is not appropriate for a full recovery.
(b) He has been taking the wrong medicine all along.
(c) He should make use of leeches to get rid of the disease.
(d) The doctor misdiagnosed him.

9. Why does Michel sunbathe nude and explore the craggy area?
(a) Because he is strange.
(b) He likes to see women on the nude beaches.
(c) Because spelunking is his hobby.
(d) In pursuit of vitality.

10. What word or phrase best describes Michel's persona in Part 1, Chapters 5-7?
(a) Negative.
(b) Positive.
(c) Negative and very cruel to his wife.
(d) Positive, yet cruel to his wife.

11. Why does Michel's wife walk ahead in their new walking place?
(a) She wants to hurry back to the hotel.
(b) She wants to walk in sunshine rather than shade.
(c) She's hoping to lose her husband in the maze.
(d) She is power walking and he can't keep up.

12. Why does Michel marry his wife?
(a) He fell in love at first sight with her.
(b) To get citizenship.
(c) Because he had loved her all his life.
(d) He promised his father he would.

13. In Part 1, Chapter 8, to which city does Michel choose to walk?
(a) Madrid.
(b) Malta.
(c) Positano.
(d) Syracuse.

14. What best summarizes the passage Michel read when he couldn't sleep on his last night in Biskra?
(a) An old man walks where he should, but a younger man should stretch out his hands.
(b) A young man walks where he should, but an older man should stretch out his hands.
(c) Not to covet neighbors.
(d) Love others as you love yourself.

15. In Part 1, Chapter 3, Michel's wife introduces him to a new place to walk. What is this place?
(a) A park full of playground equipment.
(b) A pathway to an orchard.
(c) A grove of cypress trees.
(d) A shady grove of gardens.

Short Answer Questions

1. What makes Michel realize his illness is getting serious during his honeymoon trip?

2. What surprises Michel about the work he and his father do together?

3. What sound does Michel hear as he approaches the town on foot in Part 1, Chapter 8?

4. Who is the first Arab boy invited to play in Michel's hotel room?

5. How is the main character's story introduced in the book?

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