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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What are Michel's studies that he returns to after his honeymoon?
(a) Ancient history and culture.
(b) Culture and language.
(c) American history and art.
(d) Art and music.

2. Where is the first stop for Michel and his wife when they leave Biskra?
(a) Syracuse.
(b) Paris.
(c) Rome.
(d) Malta.

3. In Part 1, Chapter 9, the couple spends several happy days in which town first?
(a) Normandy.
(b) Sorrento.
(c) Rome.
(d) Florence.

4. What does the information Michel receives in the mail regarding his illness show him?
(a) He has been taking the wrong medicine all along.
(b) He should make use of leeches to get rid of the disease.
(c) The treatment he has been following is not appropriate for a full recovery.
(d) The doctor misdiagnosed him.

5. Where do Michel and his wife shop on their honeymoon?
(a) Rome.
(b) Tunis.
(c) Marseilles.
(d) Paris.

6. In Part 1, Chapter 8, what does Michel do to the carriage driver?
(a) Beats him then throws him to the back of the carriage.
(b) Knocks him out of the carriage and leaves him on the side of the road.
(c) Yells for him to slow down.
(d) Tips him for safely delivering his wife.

7. At the end of Part 1, Chapter 3, who is Michel's favorite boy?
(a) Ali.
(b) Harish.
(c) Menalgue.
(d) Moktir.

8. What two major changes does Michel make to help him toward a full recovery?
(a) He eats heartier and insists on fresh air.
(b) He eats less fat and insists on fresh air.
(c) He exercises daily and eats less.
(d) He eats vegetables only and keeps his window closed.

9. Why does Michel grow to respect and love his wife during his illness?
(a) He appreciates her artwork.
(b) For her practicality and kindness in nursing him back to health.
(c) She has a beautiful voice and sings to him while he is sick.
(d) He knows she will have to make a living for the family.

10. To how many friends does Michel confess?
(a) 3.
(b) 2.
(c) 1.
(d) 4.

11. What surprises Michel about the work he and his father do together?
(a) How little they are paid.
(b) How much more work remains.
(c) Nothing -- Michel runs the show.
(d) The wealth they accumulate.

12. How does Michel greet his friends outside when they arrive at his home?
(a) He sends a butler to welcome them.
(b) With no emotion or enthusiasm.
(c) With hugs and kisses on each side of the face.
(d) With a hearty handshake.

13. What thoughts does Michel have while watching his wife sleep after making love to her the first time?
(a) He is overcome with joy at the sheer physical experience.
(b) He is overcome with guilt for the feelings he has toward young boys.
(c) He is overcome with love for her and appreciates her devotion.
(d) He is overcome with the staggering thought that he is tied down to her for life.

14. What best summarizes the passage Michel read when he couldn't sleep on his last night in Biskra?
(a) Not to covet neighbors.
(b) A young man walks where he should, but an older man should stretch out his hands.
(c) An old man walks where he should, but a younger man should stretch out his hands.
(d) Love others as you love yourself.

15. Where does Michel recuperate from his illness on the honeymoon trip?
(a) In the hospital.
(b) In the hotel.
(c) At the university.
(d) At his Normandy estate.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which phrase does Michel use to describe the first time he makes love with his wife?

2. How old is Michel's wife when they marry?

3. What does Michel ask the barber to do in Part 1, Chapter 7?

4. As Michel's health improves he still experiences...

5. Where do Michel and his wife settle down for him to resume his studies?

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