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Part 1, Chapter 1

• Novel begins with a letter written by an anonymous friend of Michel's to the friend's brother.

• Letter says Michel's state of mind is in question.

• Letter asks the brother not to judge Michel harshly.

• Letter explains that it has been three years since this friend and two others have seen Michel.

• Michel greets friends with a cool manner outside.

• Michel hugs friends when they come into his home.

• After dinner, Michel thanks his friends for coming and tells them he needs to tell his story.

• Michel explains that he needs to tell his story in order to be free of guilt.

• Michel tells his friends that he did not know Marceline well when they married.

• Michel marries Marceline to fulfill a promise to his dying father.

• Michel explains that the gravity of his marriage hit him while on a ship traveling to their honeymoon destination.

• Grief...

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