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Short Answer Questions

1. Which character wears a nightcap?

2. Whom does Toinette say will be put in a convent?

3. What does Argan tell Angelique she cannot do until the wedding ceremony?

4. What is Beline's relation to Angelique?

5. How are the gypsy's dressed that accompany Beralde?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does the operetta that is performed show both Cleante and Angelique's feelings are true?

2. How does Toinette, as the doctor, use flattery to aid in the deception in Act 3, Scene 14?

3. How is foreshadowing used to set up the ordeal that makes Argan a doctor?

4. Why does Beline take offense at Angelique's comments about marriage?

5. In Act 3, Scene 18, in addition to the discovery of Beline's motives, what other information is revealed about her marriage to Argan?

6. What two opinions do Beralde and Toinette have in common?

7. How does Cleante's appearance in disguise demonstrate his love for Angelique?

8. What does Beralde say about Beline that agrees with an earlier statement made by Toinette?

9. How does the doctor deflect Argan's inquiries about his resemblance to Toinette?

10. How is the author's use of irony exhibited in Toinette's comments about Argan's health?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Why is Beralde so dismissive of the medical profession? Is his attitude influenced by his brothers obsession? Is Beralde or Argan more indicative of Moliere's opinion on the medical profession?

Essay Topic 2

A central theme of this play is the internal struggle of mind versus body. There is credible doubt as to whether Argan is truly sick or if he is imagining his illness. Write an essay discussing another internal conflict presented in the play.

Essay Topic 3

One of the central themes of the play is that reality and appearances are hard to tell apart. Discuss instances of this occurring in the play and what you think Moliere is trying to say through this theme.

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