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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is the speech that Thomas Diaforus mistakenly delivers to Angelique actually intended for?
(a) Beline.
(b) Cleante.
(c) Toinette.
(d) Argan.

2. Who is Argan calling for when he shouts "Come quick. I'm dying!"?
(a) Mr. Fleurant.
(b) Angelique.
(c) Thomas Diaforus.
(d) Toinette.

3. How does Argan describe his reasons for arranging Angelique's marriage?
(a) As sensible.
(b) As Beline's idea.
(c) As necessary.
(d) As whimsical.

4. Instead of telling Argan what she saw, what does his youngest daughter offer to do instead?
(a) Sing him a song.
(b) Recite poetry.
(c) Tell him a story.
(d) Move to a convent.

5. What does Argan tell Angelique she cannot do until the wedding ceremony?
(a) Leave the house.
(b) Speak to him.
(c) Speak to Toinette.
(d) Have a music lesson.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of the person that beats Louison?

2. In Act 1, Scene 11, who startles Toinette by appearing at Argan's house unexpectedly?

3. Who remarks to Argan, "And you're not even ill"?

4. Why is Argan angry with his brother?

5. In Act 3, Scene 2, what does Beralde make Argan promise?

Short Essay Questions

1. What are some of the possible motives for Beralde sending Mr. Fleurant away?

2. Besides fear of his own death, what does Argan fear his pretending may cause to occur?

3. How can we tell that Louison is loyal to Angelique?

4. How is Argan's selfishness in choosing a husband for his daughter a result of his imaginary illness?

5. How is foreshadowing used in the announcement of the arrival of Thomas Diaforus?

6. How does Toinette use irony to convince Argan to pretend to be dead and test Beline?

7. How does Angelique's initial reaction to her father's death show her true feelings?

8. How is foreshadowing used to set up the ordeal that makes Argan a doctor?

9. How does Toinette use Argan's illness to keep him away from Angelique's wedding?

10. Why does Beline report on Angelique before she goes into town?

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