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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Act Three, Scene Six, what warning does Mr. Purgon issue to Argan regarding his health?
(a) That Argan's brother is after his money.
(b) That Beline is after his money.
(c) That Argan will die without his prescriptions.
(d) That he will sue Argan for damages.

2. What causes Beralde to comment that Argan must be feeling better?
(a) Argan is looking better.
(b) Argan can hear and speak.
(c) Argan is entertaining guests.
(d) Argan has dismissed his servants.

3. Why is Cleante invited to meet Angelique's fiance?
(a) He is not invited.
(b) To play him a song.
(c) Music may be needed for the wedding.
(d) Because it is the polite thing to do.

4. How does Argan describe his reasons for arranging Angelique's marriage?
(a) As Beline's idea.
(b) As necessary.
(c) As sensible.
(d) As whimsical.

5. As the play beings, which character does Argan chastise aloud, but is not present in the room?
(a) Toinette.
(b) Angelique.
(c) Argan.
(d) Mr. Fleurant.

Short Answer Questions

1. The operetta performed is the story of what two people?

2. Which character wears a nightcap?

3. What does Argan tell Angelique she cannot do until the wedding ceremony?

4. What is Argan trying to remember when he is counting?

5. What does Mr. Purgon instructed Argan to eat?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Argan's desire to have his children cut out of his will further demonstrate his obsession with his illnesses?

2. How did Beralde use Argan's own illness to demonstrate that Argan was not ill?

3. How is Argan's selfishness in choosing a husband for his daughter a result of his imaginary illness?

4. How is Argan's fear that "playing dead" causes his real death ironic?

5. Besides fear of his own death, what does Argan fear his pretending may cause to occur?

6. How does Cleante's presence aid in Angelique's portrayal of remorse at her father's death?

7. In Act 3, Scene 2, what recurring plot point is introduced in the conversation between Beralde and Toinette?

8. Why does Beline report on Angelique before she goes into town?

9. How does Beralde justify the doctor's likeness to Toinette?

10. How does Toinette affect Angelique's discovery of her fathers death?

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