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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Argan decide that Angelique must be?
(a) A nun.
(b) An old maid.
(c) Married within the hour.
(d) Married to Thomas Diaforus.

2. Who comments on all the mysterious doors in Argan's home?
(a) Beralde.
(b) Beline.
(c) The new doctor.
(d) Argan.

3. Who says, "I don't like the idea at all"?
(a) Argan.
(b) Beline.
(c) Beralde.
(d) Toinette.

4. Whom does the new doctor leave to speak to?
(a) Toinette.
(b) His coachman.
(c) Thomas Diaforus.
(d) His apothacary.

5. What does Argan say is "extraordinary" about the new doctor?
(a) The doctors resemblance to Toinette.
(b) The doctors medicine.
(c) The doctors resemblance to Beralde.
(d) His brothers attitude.

6. What does Angelique say would bring happiness to everyone?
(a) If she married Cleante.
(b) If Toinette would stop crying.
(c) If Beline was disinherited.
(d) If she could bring Argan back to life.

7. Where does Toinette say Argan's dinner is located?
(a) In his room.
(b) At the market.
(c) In the oven.
(d) In the dining room.

8. How is the similarity between the doctor and Toinette explained?
(a) It is not explained.
(b) As a figment of Argan's imagination.
(c) As a long lost brother.
(d) As a freak of nature.

9. What is the announced profession of the visitor that arrives after Mr. Purgon leaves?
(a) A doctor.
(b) A gypsy.
(c) A music teacher.
(d) An apothacary.

10. How does Beline refer to Argan's illnesses?
(a) As heartbreaking.
(b) As worrisome.
(c) As necessarry.
(d) As endless.

11. Who says, "Oh my dear Mistress, such a disaster"?
(a) Angelique.
(b) Louison.
(c) Beralde.
(d) Toinette.

12. How old does Argan think the new doctor is?
(a) As old as Argan.
(b) As old as Angelique.
(c) As old as Toinette.
(d) As old as dirt.

13. In Act 3, Scene 12, what reason does Toinette give for needing to leave the room?
(a) The doctor is calling her.
(b) She has work to do.
(c) She is afraid Argan is contagious.
(d) She needs to get pen and paper.

14. What character is disguised as a doctor?
(a) Beralde.
(b) Cleante.
(c) Beline.
(d) Toinette.

15. What does Beralde tell Argan is an answer to his prayers?
(a) Such a trusted servant.
(b) His wife.
(c) The new doctor.
(d) Such obedient daughters.

Short Answer Questions

1. What action does the medical faculty do when entering Argan's room?

2. What three characters discuss the arrival of the new doctor?

3. Before the doctor ceremony, what does Argan look at?

4. Argan will agree to let Cleante marry Angelique under what condition?

5. Whom does the new doctor name as the two worst doctors in Paris without exception?

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