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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Mr. Purgon instructed Argan to eat?
(a) Roasted meat.
(b) Pudding.
(c) Boiled meat.
(d) Cakes and pies.

2. This person has something important to tell Angelique toward the beginning of the play.
(a) Argan.
(b) Beline.
(c) Mr. Fleurant.
(d) Toinette.

3. What is Angelique's younger sisters name?
(a) Marie.
(b) Louison.
(c) Beline.
(d) Toinette.

4. What does Beralde believe about Argan's illnesses?
(a) That they soon will kill Argan.
(b) That they will infect Argan's household.
(c) They they are imaginary.
(d) That he will have the same illness.

5. What kind of mixture does Mr. Purgon say he prepared for Argan?
(a) A mythical mixture.
(b) A mysterious mixture.
(c) A mixture of untold strength.
(d) A special and extraordinary mixture.

6. How are the gypsy's dressed that accompany Beralde?
(a) In rags.
(b) In Moorish clothes.
(c) As acrobats.
(d) As noblemen.

7. In Act 2, Scene 1, why does Cleante come to Argan's home?
(a) To talk to Angelique.
(b) To steal Argan's money.
(c) To talk to Beline.
(d) To examine Argan.

8. What does Beralde ask Argan to do in front of the apothecary?
(a) To allow his daughter to marry for love.
(b) To leave the room.
(c) To loan him a sum of money.
(d) To put off taking the apothacary's potion.

9. After Louison exits who visits Argan?
(a) Punchinello.
(b) Beralde.
(c) Toinette.
(d) Mr. Diaforus.

10. Why does Argan's brother say he has come to see him?
(a) To ask his advice.
(b) To present a match for Angelique.
(c) To borrow money.
(d) To give him money.

11. What is the relationship between Mr. Purgon and Mr. Fleurant?
(a) Mr. Fluerant is Mr. Purgon's assistant.
(b) Mr. Purgon is Mr. Fleurant's assistant.
(c) Mr. Fluerant is Mr. Purgon's uncle.
(d) Mr. Purgon is Mr. Fleurant's uncle.

12. Whom does Toinette say will be put in a convent?
(a) Beline.
(b) Angelique.
(c) Argan.
(d) Cleante.

13. How does Toinette plan to help Angelique marry Cleante?
(a) By advocating Cleante's virtues.
(b) By helping Angelique escape.
(c) By agreeing with Argan.
(d) By exposing Thomas Diaforus faults.

14. Who agrees that Angelique finds a good match?
(a) Beline.
(b) Mr. Fleurant.
(c) Toinette.
(d) Argan.

15. What causes Beralde to comment that Argan must be feeling better?
(a) Argan can hear and speak.
(b) Argan is entertaining guests.
(c) Argan has dismissed his servants.
(d) Argan is looking better.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Act 1, Scene 11, who startles Toinette by appearing at Argan's house unexpectedly?

2. Why does Beralde call Argan a fool?

3. Toinette tries unsuccessfully to convince Argan of what in Act 2, Scene 3?

4. Who is heard singing off stage after Argan gives his ultimatum about the impending marriage?

5. How does Mr. Fleurant express his anger towards Beralde?

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