The Imaginary Invalid Character Descriptions

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Angélique - This character falls in love at the theater.

Argan - This character is obsessed by an imaginary illness.

Béline - This character is only interested in her husband's fortune.

Béralde - This character believes that the medical profession is dishonest.

Monsieur Bonnefoy - This characters name means good faith in French.

Cléante - This character pretends to be a music teacher.

Monsieur Diafoirus - This character is an incompetent doctor.

Thomas Diafoirus - This character is dim-witted and attached to the opinions of ancient authorities.

Monsieur Fleurant - This character is an assistant to a physician.

Flora - This character invites the shepherds to frolic and praises Louis XIV.

Louison - This character hides the knowledge of her sisters meeting with her lover from her father.

Pan - This character has the features of a goat.

Punchinello - This character...

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