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Tim O'Brien
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following is the best definition for the term sycophantic?
(a) Back stabbing
(b) Selfish
(c) Ingratiating
(d) Servant

2. Which of the following phrases is why O'Brien decides that Johansen is a real leader?
(a) Courage without wisdom is not true courage
(b) Wisdom of character is most important
(c) Laches makes him the perfect Platonic Republic soldier
(d) Courage is more than being in charge

3. How much are the refugees paid for each death?
(a) $33.90
(b) $5.98
(c) $20
(d) $100.35

4. Where does O'Brien go for R&R soon after he starts at LZ Gator?
(a) Australia
(b) Japan
(c) China
(d) Korea

5. What does the term fragged mean?
(a) A white soldier who is promoted
(b) To give jobs to only whites
(c) Racist individual
(d) Killed mysteriously in battle or by another soldier

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the letters AWOL stand for?

2. Where does Alpha Company find a Viet Cong rifle?

3. Which of the following is the best synonym for treacherous as used in the following sentence? The coral reefs and sandy beaches are a treacherous paradise.

4. Why are the men of Alpha Company in disarray?

5. Which of the following terms means someone with very little combat experience?

Short Essay Questions

1. How have things changed for Alpha Company?

2. What happens to the old men after they are tied to the tree all night?

3. When do the men of the village go fishing?

4. How would you classify Major Callicles mental state?

5. What surprised the soldiers about the way the female Viet Cong soldier died?

6. Why doesn't Bates or O'Brien do anything about the old men being tied to the trees?

7. What does O'Brien say ruins a man's psyche?

8. Why is the white first sergeant fragged?

9. What accident occurs which kills or injures dozens of refugees?

10. Why can't the soldiers easily recognize the enemy?

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