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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Pitt do about his pain as he goes for help?
(a) He doesn't have any pain.
(b) Thinks about Tidi.
(c) Keeps it at bay somewhat with his mind.
(d) Plans on all the ways he will torture Rondheim.

2. Why is Pitt angry at Lippman?
(a) They set him up without his knowldege.
(b) That they killed all those people on board the Lax.
(c) There were men on the iceberg that could have helped Hunnewell.
(d) That they waited so long and Rondheim got away.

3. What does Rondheim do to Pitt?
(a) Injects him with poison.
(b) Beats Pitt severely.
(c) Takes him to South America.
(d) Breaks his arm.

4. Who does Tidi recognize in the crowd?
(a) A number of well known authors.
(b) Several of the world's wealthiest men.
(c) Several individuals from the government.
(d) Mobsters from New York.

5. What words does Pitt give Rondheim to finish the poem?
(a) Had we but world enough, and time.
(b) When I consider how my light is spent.
(c) God save thee.
(d) The time you won your town the race.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Pitt respond to Rondhiem's question from question # 113?

2. What do Pitt and the crew of the vehicle do?

3. What is Pitt told at the airport about the black jet and who wanted work done?

4. Who does James Kelly say can run the sea probe besides Hunnewell?

5. What does Pitt do with Tidi?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Pitt do when James is talking? How does James respond?

2. Where does Kirsti take Pitt at the party and what does Pitt do during the event?

3. What happens right as Pitt is looking for a way to leave the trophy room?

4. Who is the pilot of the rescue vehicle and what did he bring with him?

5. How does Pitt act when he first arrives at the party and how is he dressed?

6. What does Pitt realize as he is talking to Sandecker about rescue efforts?

7. What does the person at the hanger tell Pitt?

8. What plane does Pitt see in the hanger and what is interesting about it?

9. What does Pitt see when he first wakes up after the poetry party?

10. What does James Kelly explain to the group about Hermit Limited?

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