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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Pitt realize James will use in his assassination efforts?
(a) Rondheim's money.
(b) The secret army within the US army.
(c) Kirsti's probe.
(d) The buildings in the boxes from the jet.

2. Who does Lippman think James Kelly is going to assassinate?
(a) The president of Brazil.
(b) The speaker of the house.
(c) The president of Mexico.
(d) The leaders of French Guinea and the Dominican Republic.

3. Why was this site chosen for the people?
(a) So a rescue plane would never find them.
(b) It was where the plane crashed.
(c) It was the deepest ravine in the area.
(d) It was close to town.

4. What does Pitt realize as he talks to all the victims?
(a) He can't find Kirsti.
(b) He is the only person who can walk.
(c) He has a broken jaw.
(d) He will have to set the fractures and bandage the cuts alone.

5. Two men ask Kirsti what?
(a) If Rondheim wants Pitt killed.
(b) If Lillie has been found.
(c) If Tidi has been secured.
(d) If Sandecker is here.

Short Answer Questions

1. What has been formed in South America that concerns the cab driver?

2. What is Pitt wearing to the party?

3. What does Pitt realize as he and Tidi mingle with the guests?

4. What does Rondheim do to Pitt?

5. Why does James think the U.S. government has failed America?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does the person at the hanger tell Pitt?

2. What lands near the Andursson's home?

3. Where does Kirsti take Pitt at the party and what does Pitt do during the event?

4. What is Sandecker's response to the man in his office and what does Pitt say?

5. What does Pitt do in order to get help?

6. What happens right as Pitt is looking for a way to leave the trophy room?

7. What happened in the confrontation between Pitt and Lillie?

8. What does Pitt see when he first wakes up after the poetry party?

9. Why was the crash site chosen? What does Pitt find out as he talks to the others?

10. What plane does Pitt see in the hanger and what is interesting about it?

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