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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where do Pitt and Hunnewell end up after the helicopter crashes?
(a) On a Russian trawler.
(b) Washed up on the beach.
(c) Hanging onto the floating helicopter.
(d) In a hospital in Reykjavik.

2. Where do Pitt and Hunnewell go after they leave the iceberg on which they landed?
(a) They fly over the Chinese sub and drop depth charges.
(b) Back to the ship.
(c) They head north looking for another iceberg.
(d) Back to the first iceberg.

3. What does Pitt don to explore the wreck of the jet?
(a) He goes in a diving bell.
(b) A wetsuit.
(c) He strips.
(d) Bathing suit.

4. What does Pitt do after he wakes?
(a) Calls Hildbaum in San Diego.
(b) Calls Blackburn in New York.
(c) Gets cleaned up in fresh clothes.
(d) Calls Sandecker in Washington.

5. What does Hunnewell do after they land on the iceberg?
(a) Talks to the men in navy jumpsuits.
(b) Sets up radio communications.
(c) Drinks some hot coffee.
(d) Probes for the ship.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Pitt surface after finally finding the jet?

2. What happens when the men in the boat confront Pitt and Hunnewell?

3. What does the jet do when it gets close to Pitt and Hunnewell?

4. What did Kirsti do about the company after Kristjan died?

5. What are Pitt's next orders?

Short Essay Questions

1. At the beginning of Chapter 9 where is Pitt going, how is he dressed and who is with him?

2. What do the people in Question #1 do about their find? Who sees them do this?

3. Describe the scene between Pitt and the boat chasing him.

4. How does Pitt respond to Kirsti when she arrives at the restaurant?

5. Who is with Pitt when he awakens? How does he feel about her and she about him?

6. What does Sandecker tell Pitt about Kristjan's twin sister?

7. What does Pitt do off the boat? What does Sandecker see? What does Pitt discover?

8. What does Sandecker order Pitt and how does he respond?

9. What allayed Koski's concerns about Pitt and Hunnewell?

10. What do Pitt and Hunnewell find on the embedded ship?

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