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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What Coast Guard cutter does Lee Koski command?
(a) Reliance.
(b) Catawaba.
(c) Rush.
(d) Steadfast.

2. How did Hunnewell feel about Fyrie?
(a) He admired him.
(b) He was afraid of him.
(c) He was skeptical about him.
(d) He didn't know him.

3. Why is Pitt on this mission?
(a) He volunteered.
(b) His daughter has been kidnapped by men involved.
(c) He likes to swim under icebergs.
(d) He was ordered to do it.

4. What kind of boat are they directed to at the dock?
(a) A derelict.
(b) A modern craft.
(c) An inflatable raft.
(d) A dinghy.

5. What does Pitt don to explore the wreck of the jet?
(a) A wetsuit.
(b) He strips.
(c) Bathing suit.
(d) He goes in a diving bell.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do Pitt's actions in Chapter One suggest about the man?

2. Where do Pitt and Hunnewell end up after the helicopter crashes?

3. Why is it difficult for the helicopter to land on Koski's cutter?

4. Who was in the boat that left the submarine?

5. Who has taken over Kristjan's company?

Short Essay Questions

1. What are Pitt and Hunnewell discussing as they fly towards Reykjavik in Chapter 5?

2. What causes Koski suspicions when Pitt is being shown around the ship?

3. What favor does Pitt ask of Rondheim and how does he respond?

4. What does Pitt do when Rondheim joins them and how does Rondheim respond?

5. What does Sandecker tell Pitt about Kristjan's twin sister?

6. What does Pitt see coming near the helicopter and what happens to the helicopter after that?

7. What do Pitt and Hunnewell do when they depart the first iceberg? What does Pitt think when they land?

8. How does Hunnewell feel about Fyrie and what does he tell Pitt about the man?

9. What does Sandecker order Pitt and how does he respond?

10. At the beginning of Chapter 9 where is Pitt going, how is he dressed and who is with him?

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