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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Pitt enjoy about the rescue efforts?
(a) A helicopter being able to get into the ravine area.
(b) That they were able to glide into such a remote area.
(c) An old plane beating the modern computers of Rondheim.
(d) Thinking about killing Rondheim.

2. What is Pitt told at the airport about the black jet and who wanted work done?
(a) Rondheim's personal assistant asked for the work.
(b) Kirsti's personal assistant asked to have work done on it.
(c) A man and a woman had the job done.
(d) Two men who acted strangely had work done.

3. Who was the man Pitt talked to at the airport?
(a) Robert Tucker.
(b) Sam Cashman.
(c) Hans Badenberger.
(d) Lewis Jhaniktsa.

4. Why do people give Rondheim bits of poems?
(a) So he can tell them the author's name, date of birth and death.
(b) So he can tell them the author.
(c) So he can make a new poem from it.
(d) He claims to be able to recite any poem.

5. Who do Sandecker and Pitt visit in the hospital?
(a) Sam Cushman.
(b) Sam Kelly.
(c) All the survivors.
(d) Tidi and Lillie.

6. How does Pitt feel towards Rondheim as he watches the rescue efforts?
(a) Anger.
(b) Indifferent.
(c) Pity.
(d) Satisfaction.

7. What happens to Pitt right after the poetry reading?
(a) Someone puts a gun in his back.
(b) He is hit over the head and knocked unconscious.
(c) He returns to the motel.
(d) Kirsti takes him outside to talk to him.

8. How does Pitt know which way to go?
(a) He heads north on the north star.
(b) He follows the sunset.
(c) He always turns left.
(d) He's unsure.

9. What do Pitt and the crew of the vehicle do?
(a) Wait for the paramedics.
(b) Load the survivors.
(c) Drop food and medicine in the ravine.
(d) Start to build a path into the ravine.

10. What does Tidi do when she comes up to Pitt and Rondheim?
(a) Makes a play for Rondheim.
(b) Acts like she's trying to get Pitt to like women.
(c) Ask about the Icelandic coastline.
(d) Backs up Pitt's comments.

11. What type of weather was coming in on the rescue efforts?
(a) Snow begins to fall.
(b) The weather won't change for a couple of days.
(c) Sunny and warm.
(d) Very bad weather.

12. What does Pitt realize James will use in his assassination efforts?
(a) Kirsti's probe.
(b) Rondheim's money.
(c) The secret army within the US army.
(d) The buildings in the boxes from the jet.

13. How does Pitt respond to Rondhiem's question from question # 113?
(a) He doesn't date foreigners.
(b) That he heard a terrible explosion in the fog.
(c) He spends his money on art supplies, not clothes.
(d) He was married one time.

14. Who scratched his initials into the black jet?
(a) A mechanic.
(b) An employee of Kirsti's.
(c) An employee of Rondheim's.
(d) The owner of the jet.

15. Why was this site chosen for the people?
(a) So a rescue plane would never find them.
(b) It was close to town.
(c) It was the deepest ravine in the area.
(d) It was where the plane crashed.

Short Answer Questions

1. By whom is the cab driver employed?

2. What does Pitt mention to Kelly that spoils his speech?

3. What has been formed in South America that concerns the cab driver?

4. Who is in Sandecker's office when Pitt arrives?

5. Why is Kelly going to assassinate some people?

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