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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Pitt mention to Kelly that spoils his speech?
(a) That the Icelandic national guard are surrounding the place.
(b) That Rondheim killed Hunnewell.
(c) The Kirsti doesn't know how to use the probe.
(d) That the South American governments have been warned.

2. What is wrong with James Lillie?
(a) He has four broken ribs and a headache.
(b) His shoulders and pelvis are broken.
(c) He has a skull fracture.
(d) His femoral artery is cut.

3. What does Pitt realize on his way back from the airport?
(a) Kirsti is not involved.
(b) The cab is going in the wrong direction.
(c) The black jet is military.
(d) The worker at the airport lied.

4. Why is Pitt angry at Lippman?
(a) That they killed all those people on board the Lax.
(b) They set him up without his knowldege.
(c) There were men on the iceberg that could have helped Hunnewell.
(d) That they waited so long and Rondheim got away.

5. What does Pitt do at the beginning of the poetry reading?
(a) Laughs at Rondheim.
(b) Whispers with Lillie.
(c) Flirts with Kirsti.
(d) Falls asleep.

6. Why would someone be suspicious about the work on the jet?
(a) It was illegal.
(b) The work was very difficult.
(c) The person(s) ordering it wouldn't sign off on the paperwork.
(d) There was no reason to be suspicious.

7. What can Pitt do that no one else can as far as the events in Iceland?
(a) Testify against Rondheim.
(b) Identify Rondheim's boats.
(c) Show that Kirsti was no involved.
(d) Identify James Kelly's assassins.

8. Why does James think the U.S. government has failed America?
(a) Giving its citizens too much freedom.
(b) Not feeding the poor.
(c) Not providing health care.
(d) Sending the military overseas too much.

9. Where are Pitt and the others when he wakes?
(a) In a forest.
(b) In a hospital.
(c) On the beach.
(d) In a ravine.

10. What did the vehicle bring that Pitt requested?
(a) A doctor.
(b) Supplies.
(c) Machine guns.
(d) Some flare bombs.

11. Who is the pilot of the vehicle that picks up Pitt?
(a) Sam Cashman.
(b) Ben Hull.
(c) James Storey.
(d) Joyce Dubkue.

12. How does Pitt feel towards Rondheim as he watches the rescue efforts?
(a) Satisfaction.
(b) Anger.
(c) Pity.
(d) Indifferent.

13. What does Pitt do about his pain as he goes for help?
(a) Plans on all the ways he will torture Rondheim.
(b) Keeps it at bay somewhat with his mind.
(c) He doesn't have any pain.
(d) Thinks about Tidi.

14. What does Pitt enjoy about the rescue efforts?
(a) An old plane beating the modern computers of Rondheim.
(b) That they were able to glide into such a remote area.
(c) Thinking about killing Rondheim.
(d) A helicopter being able to get into the ravine area.

15. What does James Kelly say he will do?
(a) Kill the United States congress and senate.
(b) Destroy the United States.
(c) Start civil war in many countries.
(d) Take over South America.

Short Answer Questions

1. What special items did the captain bring for Sam Kelly?

2. How does Pitt respond to Rondhiem's question from question # 113?

3. What does Lippman tell Pitt at the hospital?

4. What corporation does James Kelly talk about?

5. What words does Pitt give Rondheim to finish the poem?

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