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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why do people give Rondheim bits of poems?
(a) So he can tell them the author's name, date of birth and death.
(b) He claims to be able to recite any poem.
(c) So he can make a new poem from it.
(d) So he can tell them the author.

2. Why would someone be suspicious about the work on the jet?
(a) It was illegal.
(b) The work was very difficult.
(c) The person(s) ordering it wouldn't sign off on the paperwork.
(d) There was no reason to be suspicious.

3. What does Pitt learn that saddens him?
(a) Lillie will never walk again.
(b) Sam Kelly had died.
(c) Sam Kelly is brain damaged.
(d) Tidi died.

4. What is wrong with James Lillie?
(a) He has four broken ribs and a headache.
(b) He has a skull fracture.
(c) His femoral artery is cut.
(d) His shoulders and pelvis are broken.

5. What does Pitt realize as he talks to all the victims?
(a) He will have to set the fractures and bandage the cuts alone.
(b) He can't find Kirsti.
(c) He has a broken jaw.
(d) He is the only person who can walk.

6. What can Pitt do that no one else can as far as the events in Iceland?
(a) Identify Rondheim's boats.
(b) Testify against Rondheim.
(c) Show that Kirsti was no involved.
(d) Identify James Kelly's assassins.

7. What does Pitt realize James will use in his assassination efforts?
(a) Rondheim's money.
(b) Kirsti's probe.
(c) The buildings in the boxes from the jet.
(d) The secret army within the US army.

8. What does Pitt hear when he wakes up?
(a) Tidi's voice.
(b) Gunshots.
(c) A jet plane.
(d) A dog barking.

9. By whom is the cab driver employed?
(a) The U.S. government.
(b) Hunnewell.
(c) The Icelandic government.
(d) Kirsti.

10. Who is the first person Pitt sees when he wakes after the beating?
(a) Sam Kelly.
(b) Rondheim.
(c) James Lillie.
(d) Kirsti.

11. Who was the man Pitt talked to at the airport?
(a) Hans Badenberger.
(b) Sam Cashman.
(c) Robert Tucker.
(d) Lewis Jhaniktsa.

12. What does Pitt tell Sandecker when he arrives?
(a) He will be fine.
(b) He has no broken bones.
(c) He has told them he can't help.
(d) He's already agreed to help.

13. What special items did the captain bring for Sam Kelly?
(a) Cigar and vodka.
(b) A back board.
(c) Champagne and caviar.
(d) A cell phone.

14. Why was this site chosen for the people?
(a) It was close to town.
(b) It was where the plane crashed.
(c) So a rescue plane would never find them.
(d) It was the deepest ravine in the area.

15. How does Pitt feel towards many of the people on the plane?
(a) He is angry at them.
(b) He is indifferent.
(c) He is disgusted by them.
(d) He admires them.

Short Answer Questions

1. What words does Pitt give Rondheim to finish the poem?

2. What does Pitt do with Tidi?

3. Two men ask Kirsti what?

4. Why is Kelly going to assassinate some people?

5. What is Pitt told at the airport about the black jet and who wanted work done?

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