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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where is the party Pitt attends held?
(a) Kirsti's estates.
(b) Rondheim's mansion.
(c) Kirsti's office complex.
(d) Rondheim's office complex.

2. What does Pitt mention to Kelly that spoils his speech?
(a) That Rondheim killed Hunnewell.
(b) The Kirsti doesn't know how to use the probe.
(c) That the South American governments have been warned.
(d) That the Icelandic national guard are surrounding the place.

3. Who does Tidi recognize in the crowd?
(a) Several individuals from the government.
(b) A number of well known authors.
(c) Several of the world's wealthiest men.
(d) Mobsters from New York.

4. What does Pitt tell Sandecker when he arrives?
(a) He has no broken bones.
(b) He's already agreed to help.
(c) He will be fine.
(d) He has told them he can't help.

5. How does Pitt know which way to go?
(a) He heads north on the north star.
(b) He follows the sunset.
(c) He always turns left.
(d) He's unsure.

6. Who is the first person Pitt sees when he wakes after the beating?
(a) James Lillie.
(b) Sam Kelly.
(c) Rondheim.
(d) Kirsti.

7. How many of the men in the room are in cahoots with Rondheim?
(a) Five.
(b) Twelve.
(c) Ten.
(d) All of them.

8. What does Pitt realize as he talks to all the victims?
(a) He will have to set the fractures and bandage the cuts alone.
(b) He has a broken jaw.
(c) He is the only person who can walk.
(d) He can't find Kirsti.

9. How does Pitt feel towards many of the people on the plane?
(a) He admires them.
(b) He is disgusted by them.
(c) He is angry at them.
(d) He is indifferent.

10. What is scattered around Pitt and the others?
(a) Walnuts from the trees.
(b) The remains of a plane.
(c) Piles of driftwood.
(d) Used medical supplies like the doctors were in a hurry.

11. What does Pitt enjoy about the rescue efforts?
(a) A helicopter being able to get into the ravine area.
(b) An old plane beating the modern computers of Rondheim.
(c) Thinking about killing Rondheim.
(d) That they were able to glide into such a remote area.

12. What does James Kelly say he will do?
(a) Destroy the United States.
(b) Kill the United States congress and senate.
(c) Take over South America.
(d) Start civil war in many countries.

13. How does Pitt get to the airport?
(a) A bus.
(b) A cab.
(c) A subway.
(d) He drives.

14. What can Pitt do that no one else can as far as the events in Iceland?
(a) Testify against Rondheim.
(b) Identify Rondheim's boats.
(c) Show that Kirsti was no involved.
(d) Identify James Kelly's assassins.

15. Who do Sandecker and Pitt visit in the hospital?
(a) All the survivors.
(b) Tidi and Lillie.
(c) Sam Kelly.
(d) Sam Cushman.

Short Answer Questions

1. What lands near the house where Pitt used the radio?

2. What does Pitt realize on his way back from the airport?

3. What is Pitt wearing to the party?

4. Who does James Kelly say can run the sea probe besides Hunnewell?

5. What do Pitt and the others do after they return Rondheim's boat?

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