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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Tidi do when Pitt goes in the water?
(a) Goes in the galley and makes lunch.
(b) Dresses in his clothes and pretends to be him.
(c) Sleeps on the deck.
(d) Does her needlepoint.

2. Why does Pitt meet with an Admiral after he wakes?
(a) To get his next assignment.
(b) To brief him.
(c) To tell him he quits.
(d) To complain about crashing.

3. What does the crew see in the iceberg?
(a) A burned out ship.
(b) An American and French flag.
(c) A mastodon.
(d) Some frozen people.

4. What is another mystery about the probe Pitt wants to solve?
(a) Who has it.
(b) Who would want the probe.
(c) Who is able to run the probe.
(d) When the probe disappeared.

5. What happens to Hunnewell as a result of the crash?
(a) He is paralyzed.
(b) He loses his leg.
(c) He has a concussion.
(d) He dies.

6. What does Pitt tell Koski about Hunnewell's request?
(a) He puts a gun to his head and tells him to do it.
(b) It comes from the highest authority.
(c) It is not that difficult.
(d) If he doesn't he could be bring up on a court martial.

7. Where does Pitt finally find initials carved?
(a) On the pilot's seat.
(b) On the rear door.
(c) On the arm of the co-pilot's seat.
(d) On the hydraulic shock absorber.

8. Where was the probe the last time it was seen?
(a) Being used on a Russian vessel.
(b) On a plane that landed in Belgium.
(c) On the ship, the Lax.
(d) In Kristjan's warehouse.

9. What does Pitt say is located at coordinates given to Koski?
(a) A Chinese submarine.
(b) A Navy battleship.
(c) An important iceberg.
(d) Another Coast Guard ship in distress.

10. From what authority does Koski receive a message?
(a) The Joint Chief of Staff.
(b) The President of the United States.
(c) Admiral Sandecker.
(d) The Director of the NSA.

11. With whom does Pitt meet immediately after the crash?
(a) A doctor.
(b) Kirsti.
(c) Tidi.
(d) Sandecker.

12. What was Fyrie going to do with his sea probe?
(a) Sell it to the highest bidder.
(b) Start a war.
(c) Turn it over to the United States.
(d) Take over the world.

13. What did Hunnewell say Pitt didn't tell Koski about the discovery Fyrie made?
(a) About the field of Zirconium.
(b) About the sea probe.
(c) About the mid Atlantic fault area.
(d) About the Russian submarine field.

14. Why is it difficult for the helicopter to land on Koski's cutter?
(a) The deck is icy.
(b) The wind is very strong.
(c) It's a very small deck.
(d) There's a severe storm.

15. What do Pitt and Kirsti do at first at the table in the restaurant?
(a) Talk about the probe.
(b) Ignore each other.
(c) Exchange sarcasm.
(d) Flirt.

Short Answer Questions

1. How is Pitt dressed when he goes to borrow one of Rondheim's boats?

2. Why does Hunnewell chastise Pitt?

3. How does Koski feel when he finds out the ship is not a Russian trawler?

4. How does Pitt feel following the crash?

5. Why do Pitt and Hunnewell depart in the helicopter?

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