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Iceberg - Although this item found by the Coast Guard plane in the beginning of the book appears to be a natural occurrence, it is rigged to manipulate actions by Hunnewell.

Yellow Helicopter - This is a two-seater civilian version of the Ulysses Q-55, capable of speeds up to 250 mph.

The Catawaba - This is a modern, fully equipped super cutter of the United States Coast Guard.

Undersea Probe - This is an amazing invention by Kristjan Fyrie that would enable countries to reap minerals from the bottom of the sea floor.

Black Jet - This is owned by Hermit Limited. There are five of these altogether, and eventually, this is how NIA locates the Hermit Limited headquarters in Laguna Beach, California.

The Grimsi - This is one of Rondheim's sailing vessels that is moored next to the cabin cruiser offered to Pitt, Sandecker and Royal.


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