Iceberg Character Descriptions

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Dirk Pitt

He is a United States Air Force Officer and serves as the Special Projects Director for the U. S. National Underwater & Marine Agency.

Admiral James Sandecker

He is the Chief Director of the United States National Underwater and Marine Agency, an agency dedicated to scientific underwater research.

Tidi Royal

She is Admiral Sandecker's personal secretary.

Kristjan/Kirsti Fyrie

He was the founder of the world's largest mining company. He had a shrewd and creative mind and invented the method of dredging diamonds offshore. She is a beautiful, tanned, sexy woman.

Oskar Rondheim/Carzo Butero

He is the owner of a worldwide fishing company whose symbol is an albatross on a field of red.

Jerome P. Lillie

He is an NIA agent assigned to work with and around Pitt on the investigation.

Bill Hunnewell

He is the Director of the California Institute of Oceanography. He is an...

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