Iceberg Character Descriptions

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Dirk Pitt - He is a United States Air Force Officer and serves as the Special Projects Director for the U. S. National Underwater & Marine Agency.

Admiral James Sandecker - He is the Chief Director of the United States National Underwater and Marine Agency, an agency dedicated to scientific underwater research.

Tidi Royal - She is Admiral Sandecker's personal secretary.

Kristjan/Kirsti Fyrie - He was the founder of the world's largest mining company. He had a shrewd and creative mind and invented the method of dredging diamonds offshore. She is a beautiful, tanned, sexy woman.

Oskar Rondheim/Carzo Butero - He is the owner of a worldwide fishing company whose symbol is an albatross on a field of red.

Jerome P. Lillie - He is an NIA agent assigned to work with and around Pitt on the investigation.

Bill Hunnewell - He is the Director of...

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