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Prologue, Chapter One

• A Coast Guard plane on a routine patrol spots a burned out ship entombed in an iceberg.

• They drop a red dye flare and radio in their finding.

• Two men on the iceberg in white snowsuits watch and then radio an unknown party.

• A helicopter pilot is landing on the Coast Guard Cutter Catawaba in a severe storm.
• The commander tells his executive officer to bring the pilot and passenger to the officer mess.

• Koski, the commander is curious as to what is urgent to bring them out in such severe weather.

• The passenger, Dr. Hunnewell, gives Koski a piece of paper with new coordinates on it.
• Dirk Pitt says the authority comes from the highest source. They are the coordinates of an important iceberg.

• There is a Russian spy ship embedded in the berg and the ship contains vital information.

• Later, after Koski turns...

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